maison noir

Maison Noir I / 黑房子選物店 by aaaid yann


Maison Noir ( 法文:黑房子 )
- 因著黑房子的存在,得以見著曙光 -

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光線 從外圍的黑色間隙 透出

夢想 從尋常邊緣的切角 而上
退居在你之後 日日出展

白牆是為了鏡前妳一身新衣 綻放

這藝廊 今日特展 青春糖霜

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Main Subject:Living with the black house lets you see the beauty of light.
Design Concept:By guiding the existence of light with dark, we maximize the pureness of the space and create a hall of clean white to show each product as if it were an art display. The hallway-like interior design uses the magic of mirror reflection and perfectly transforms the small space into a place of wonder and imagination.

We use mass amount of black, cold metal material that twines and covers the entrance, and it successfully isolates the noise of the busy city. The little glass entrance guides the light within the gaps, and with the contrast compared to the black outlook, it shows the designing concept of “light can be so much more beautiful with a black house”.

The interior design emphasizes on subtraction design, using the showcases and spotlights to let the products’ feature stand out and hide away the various details. Our goal is to make products be seen in a simple, pure and concentrated fashion as if showing delicate artworks, and transform the black house into a palace of art.


On the colors, we use black, grey and white for a cooler color tone, and decorate it with titanium lines, giving the place a fashion-clean look. On the ceilings we use long white lights as lighting guides that guide the attention of customers deep into our store. The hallway-like interior design uses the oblique cut of the mirror and perfectly transforms the small space into a place of wonder and imagination. Under the showcases there are also hidden lights to create an illusion of light-weighted space. The whole concept is to capture customer’s attention with our house of wonder where they explore endlessly in our space of infinite possibilities for art and fashion